Farm Sanctuary Lecture with Gene Baur

Monday, February 27th, 6:30 p.m.
Location: Silver Building, 33 Washington Place, Room 713, NYC 10003

To commemorate Farm Sanctuary’s quarter century of work for farm animals, Gene Baur is embarking on a speaking tour across North America. Highlighting milestones over the past 25 years – including landmark legal advances, shifts in public awareness, changes in the marketplace, and growing coverage of farm animal issues by the mainstream media – Gene’s thoughtful and moving presentations set forth the great progress we have achieved by working together and address what each of us can do to help to create a more compassionate society. Gene grounds his message not on accusations or judgments but on facts and research. He appeals to our better selves and explains how we can, and why we must, align our everyday actions with our own values and interests.

More information about Gene and his book is here: